Fuze Consulting Services was established to provide products that people can invest in and get descent income whether you're working or you not working. These products will be able to pay  back the initial investment within a year of his/her investment and a contract should be a minimum 3 years . People have been losing money in scams , ponzi schemes etc . At Fuze Consulting Services would like contribute to the economy of our country by bringing these products/services from local and international businesses , assist our nation to create wealth and be financially independent . It is important that we bring investments that can provide descent income so that they can establish their own businesses to create jobs .

I always like to quote ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI the author of the best seller RICH DAD POOR DAD , I quote “ I have never met a rich person who has never lost money ,but I have met a lot of poor people who have never lost a dime.”

“The primary difference between the rich and the poor is how to handle fear in investment.”

“Have a positive mindset about investment , you can never be rich if you are too scared of losing money.”

This does not mean that you are bound to lose money in order to get rich but there are  investments that you can start with , at Fuze Consulting we scrutinize these products /services that we sell to the market place as investments  .

The Coin It truck products are the first business/ investments opportunities that we have and there still more on the pipeline that are from local and  international companies . Try this opportunity now.